NEC N906i mobile phone with 5 Megapixel camera and smile detection

by Dhiram Shah

Japanese telecom major NTTDoCoMo has announced 16 new phones to its lineup and each one is more unique than the other. We first take on the NEC N906i which is an upgrade to last year’s N905i. The clamshell comes with a 5.2 Megapixel sensor along and taking its predecessor’s face detection a step further it comes with smile detection which clicks the shutter only when it detects a smile. With the e-mail feature the photoraph is automatically resized and attached to the e-mail client for a speedy transfer. The 3 inch VGA (640 x 480) screen makes watching videos and web browsing a breeze and with support for Flash 8.0 there is practically no constraints on the web sites you can access. Unlike majority of Japanese phones the N906i lacks a 1Seg tuner which is a pity considering the phone’s high res large display. Coming to the specs the phone packs in HSDPA connectivity, GPS, Yamaha audio chip for crisp and clear sound, Micro SD card slot and support for majority of audio and video formats.

The NEC N906i measures 109×49×19.6mm and weighs 133 grams. As always it is a Japan only product and will stay that way.

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