NEC LED light bulb concept comes with integrated wireless speaker

by ruchi

We have earlier seen product-makers try lot of interesting stints with otherwise routine objects like light bulbs, NEC lighting too infused light bulbs with wireless speaker capability that would make more space on your desk for other items. A similar concept has been toyed by designers earlier but this one’s a little ahead in the race. It combines attributes like energy efficiency owing to the use of LED ceiling light which in turn is controlled by means of an Android smartphone app. All you got to do is establish a Bluetooth connection and then you can stream music straight from your smartphone to the speaker, and the very same app can also control the different aspects of lighting, including brightness and color temperature.

Besides creating effects by synchronizing audio with the light, it could turn your room into a smart ambient lighting hub. Check out the demo video here which shows a trio of preset modes, merging light and sound effects, where you are able to select from Active, Natural, or Relaxed modes i.e. whichever goes best with your mood.
Via: Ubergizmo