NEC LaVie Windows tablet packs DVD drive

by Gareth Mankoo

When it comes to going slim, NEC seems to be market leaders in the portable device arena. After the world’s slimmest phone, the company has now introduced something as dense as a DVD drive, to be integrated with a tablet. That’s pretty major given that the company only plans to give this device a Japan launch. Now we’re off on a tangent that will make us forget the fact that the device will add some interesting features such as Windows 7 Home Premium, support for tons of additional applications, a wireless mouse, keyboard and a DVD drive with a stand, 2GB RAM, 64GB storage, Wi-Fi, 10.1-inch display, Bluetooth 2.1, and more. All this runs on an Atom Z670 (1.50GHz) CPU with ExTouch UI.

It’s quite obvious that the NEC LaVie tablet will be a pricy one. It will be unleashed in Japan next month for a whopping $1,230.

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