NEC unveils the world’s first water-cooled smartphone wont burn your ear

by Gareth Mankoo

NEC has managed a lot to match the increasing demands of the world. But beyond the casual gaming experiences, the company has also gone on to bring some bitter truths to life and resolve them. Take the Media X 06E smartphone for instance. The company’s smartphone steps in as one of the first water-cooled devices. It’s not just the water-cooling that’s winning it accolades and our much craved for attention. On the inside, it comes with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro (clocked at 1.7GHz) processor! Thus, the CPU working in full gear will not take a toll on the speaker’s ear. Water-cooling is fairly comforting when it comes to an angry, heated smartphone. Unfortunately for most guys, the Medias X 06E is designed with a woman in mind. It’s stylish but packs the fine contours that elate the feminine mind.

Women would not mind a phone that takes special care to not char their ears. In fact, it is quite a good-looker with the frosty white coat with soft pink shells decorating its being. It would serve well to have one such wonder for the men as well. The insight that women have more elaborate conversations does not hold true in the corporate world.


[Via – Geek]