NEC speeds up forensics for the future with portable DNA analyzer

by Gareth Mankoo

We’re still looking for a solution to all the latency that criminal lawyers have to deal with. Mainly, forensics. However, with NEC’s awesome new approach on speeding DNA analyses, we can expect each detective to be a prospective Sherlock Holmes. 25 minutes is all that the new chip, which is due in 2014, will take for the DNA extraction, amplification and separation processes. It’s true that the analyzer beats the current version that takes about an hour to carry out analyses but then there’s an obvious price to pay.

Firstly, the new NEC DNA analyzer weighs 70.5 pounds and secondly, has a $120,000 price tag dangling from one end. Surely, we can look forward to more from the company before the launch at hand. Beware crime shows. Your attempts to complicate cases may simply seem mundane in a couple of years.