Neatstream Doorlinx adds the MP3 touch to the boring door bell

by Dhiram Shah

Get rid of the boring ‘Ding-Dong Bell’ and experiment with something new and high tech. The NetStreams DoorLinX DX100, is the world’s first IP-Based doorbell featuring an integrated microphone, speaker, and matching doorbell unit. It allows any MP3 audio file, including a recorded voice, to be used as a door chime and to have different sounds associated with different doors or points of entry. That means you can use it as your front door bell or your gate bell or garage bell etc. The DoorLinX features an amplified (4-watt) reference speaker with a Mylar cone, and an embedded microphone with a high gain, omni-directional condenser, allowing for crystal clear communication with any of the NetStreams TouchLinX touch screens or the KeyLinX KL200. With the TouchLinX interface, you can unlatch the door at the press of a button.

“Virtually unchanged for decades and often overlooked in integrated home control systems, doorbells and intercoms need to be updated with 21st century technology,” said NetStreams CEO and Founder Herman Cárdenas. “DoorLinX enables some exciting new options for personalization, systems integration, and whole-home IP intercom capability.” A cool thing is that you can customize the doorbell’s ring tone with any MP3 file up to one half megabyte. And if ringing doorbells (from unwanted visitors) disturb your afternoon siesta then just put the bell on the Do-Not-Disturb (DND) mode, thus putting the bell on mute. The NetStreams DoorLinX DX100 has been in stores since mid October.

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