Navdy car accessory projects smartphone information on the windshield

by Gavril Mankoo

You don’t need to be a genius to realize the fact that using a smartphone while driving your car around town is extremely unsafe, to you, your car, your smartphone and everyone else on the road. However, that hasn’t stopped smartphone manufacturers from coming up with technology that does in fact make driving an easier experience. Owing to that, most of us do break the rules at times to peek at our smartphones while driving. To keep folks from being distracted, here comes the Navdy, a cool 5.1-inch transparent display that sits on the dashboard in front of a driver and projects specific information from your smartphone to your car’s windshield!

The Navdy makes sure only essential details from apps on smartphones are displayed on the windshield. This makes the whole experience less distracting, keeping drivers safe from potential accidents. And that’s not all. To access calls, drivers can use voice commands r simple hand gestures. These will allow the drive to answer or ignore calls. The Navdy’s accompanying application also allows users to select what updates they wish to see, including notifications from Facebook and Twitter. The creators of this device are currently looking to raise funding and have put up the device for pre-order at $300.

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