Native Union’s Bluetooth-enabled Switch offers 3 speakers including active subwoofer

by Gareth Mankoo

If Jambox was your muse and the benchmark you found none other to surpass, then the Native Union Switch is a must-try. The Hong Kong-based company has rolled out an amazing entertainment necessity that could be by your side in leisure or work. The design is clean and without blemish of unnecessary add-ons and ports. It offers three speakers, including an active subwoofer and can pump out some seriously powerful notes and beats. Classy and minimalist, the volume control wheel on the Switch functions and looks its part, efficiently. It conceals a trio of a USB port, Audio In and Headphone Jack as well as a full duplex mic for conference calls.

With 14 hours of non-stop entertainment promised, the Switch is a good pick. Plus, you get the option of glossy or matte variants in white, black, slate, aquamarine or red.