NASA’s monkey-like robot to be showcased at DARPA’s Robot Challenge event in Dec

by Shayne Rana

Not to be confused with the Robosapien kids toy, RoboSimian from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) is going to be leagues ahead. Set to be showcased at DARPA’s upcoming Robotics Challenge event to be held in December, their monkey-like robot should make JPL quite a contender for the prize. From images going around, RoboSimian isn’t the most attractive of robots but surely has tremendous potential to get into some hard to reach places and be very handy in that sense. Equipped with rather box-y design and four general purpose limbs sticking out from the sides, RoboSimian is designed to be quite agile.

Although JPL’s robot is not yet complete the company along with engineers from Stanford University are working hard to get it ready in time for the event. The arms and possible digits will be properly positioned and created to handle tasks like turning valves on and off or to be used as anchors for grasping objects, beams etc. for support if required. NASA isn’t monkeying around (pun intended) with this new robot as the value it would bring to various fields is quite high. It would especially be handy to get into places with gas leaks, climb ladders and much more. Its true capabilities will of course be demoed come December in the sunny city of Miami Florida which will be playing host to the Robotics Challenge event.


[Via – Dvice]

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