NASA creates futuristic space travel posters, sigh!

by Gareth Mankoo

Who said that NASA is only comprised of uptight scientists busy deciphering the universe? A team of designers commissioned by the organization has us all awestruck with some rather impressive work in the form of space travel posters. Now, this is different from sanctioning a creative agency to create something interesting and aspirational by means of a campaign. As the designers work very closely with the engineers and scientists within NASA they have the entire concept well in their grasp. So, you can see a number of space tourism destinations that would probably take a lifetime and more covering in the current day. The future is bright and space travel will surely mean less than a few decades or centuries away from our families.

Among the depictions we have Jupiter, Earth (why?), Mars, Venus, Ceres, Titan and other celestial bodies with an enhanced focus on their key characteristics put across beautifully in advertising copy style. Our favorite is Keplar-16b and the idea of two shadows being cast at the same time. Wow!



[ Via : Theverge ]

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