NASA is ready to pay you $18,000 for a 105-day sleep experiment

by Gareth Mankoo

NASA not only care about what lies beyond, but also work exceptionally hard to ensure that the brilliant folk they send across are in mint condition, of mind and body. Which is why, they are geared up to prepare a few tests and experiments to determine what would be the ideal way to have a person travelling in space without gravity, enjoy a restful experience. A deduction stated that head-down bed rest, with feet slightly elevated offers a brilliant means of rest. Signing up for this experiment not only ensures that you are a contributor to the greater good but also enables you to catch up on the rest of a lifetime. You would require to spend 97 or 105 days in the bed rest facility of NASA’s Flight Analogs Research Unit at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX. Of these, 70 day will have you lying in bed. During the final days of the study, the subjects will be allowed to move within the facility and commence normal activity.

Do not expect this to be a heaven-sent deal. Lying with your head down leads to blood pooling in your head, for months. The body soon stimulates the weightlessness and a string of other such effects. $18,000 is no lesser a price they’re willing to part with, though.

[Via – Theatlantic]

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