Nanoblock recreates favorite McDonald treats

by Gareth Mankoo

While Lego continues to play in the big league with movie franchises and leading sitcoms, Nanoblock on the other hand is closer to home. In fact, they’re targeting our palette with this cool tie-up with McDonalds. This alliance in Hong Kong has led to the creation of some rather cool Nanoblock figures that depict our favorite McDonalds meals. The burger does look a bit pixelated but if viewed from above, you would appreciate the shade of the bun.

The sets can be purchased at the food giants stores and we’re hoping that they arrive at other geographies too. The Nanoblock fries actually look delicious and may well be a lot healthier than the actual ones. They are available for $2.50 a pop. If you want the entire menu in Nanoblocks then you could end up paying $25.


[Via – Slash Gear]