Nano touch to bring Lucid Touch on smaller devices

by mohsin

Today touch screen mobiles are at high demand because they are easy to operate and are a kind of time saving devices through which one can skip the complications of selecting various options through buttons in a multi-featuring mobile phone. LucidTouch is a technology that supports multi-touch input, which means that this mobile phone allows the users to operate the device at the same time with all the ten fingers. The prime factor in making the LucidTouch functional is pseudo-transparency. By overlaying an image of the user’s hands onto the screen, the reverse touchscreen allows users to see exactly where their finger is located on the touchpad; it permits near point-to-point manipulation of the screen, which can provide for serious advances in mass-efficiency, or size-reduction.

Although the LucidTouch device was a larger gadget, it introduced the reverse touchscreen technology and demonstrated its potential as a precision-enhancing mode of graphic interface, but the new NanoTouch better illustrates the potential of the precision-enhancing technology to help create more efficient, agile, user-friendly slim-form electronic devices.

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