MyTobii P10 an eye controlled PC

by Dhiram Shah

From Swedish company Tobii comes the MyTobii P10 a PC that can be controlled by tracking your eye movements. The MyTobii monitor is a first generation development that would allow people to control their computer screens by simply moving their eyes. However for clicking you still have to use the mouse and not just blink your eyes. The unit comes with a 15″ screen, eye control device and computer all integrated in one device. The eye tracking technology determines the 3D position in space of each eye and the precise target to which each eye gaze is directed towards by processing a person’s face, eyes and reflections in the eyes of near-infrared reference lights. The user does not have to wear any special glasses or anything but just sit in front of it and follow a dot during a 30-second calibration and you are on your way. MyTobii can be relied upon and will operate precisely regardless of glasses, contacts, eye color or light conditions.
(Watch the guy playing Quake 2 using his eyes after the jump)


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