Mysterious bottles filled with the Force surface

by Gareth Mankoo

Very aptly called the ‘Force in a Jar’, these bottles may seem to be all set to stretch your Star Wars merch collection. But hey, you wouldn’t want anything left out of that over-populated fan-boy ridden basement now, do you? We share the sentiment. The idea behind making these bottles is the fact that they do not hold any beverage but 100 percent Jedi Force in all its purity. The jar was up on Kohl’s from which it was pulled down once the stocks ran out. There doesn’t seem to be a liquid in the jar though if there was any I’d say it should be rum.

While the labels run wild with messaging that is close to heart we wonder what the Force feels (tastes?) like. As of now, these images are all that we have to go by. The item has a glowing Yoda for authenticity sake and don’t forget that if at all it comes into stock it will only set you back $16. That’s very gettable now, innit?

[ Via : Slashgear ]

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