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My Day: Electronic Paper Umbrella

by Dhiram Shah

Hsiao has designed a unique umbrella which has electronic paper on the surface. The stem contains the computer chips, battery and controls to change the display as per your choice. Data and electric signals flow through the frame of the umbrella. The storage is replacable and each six different ambiences along with sound so with the forest ambience you can hear the birds chirping. Changing the theme is very easy as moving the knob displays the various themes and the desired theme can be selected by pressing the select button. You refresh yourself by selecting the sunny-theme ambience on a rainy day, or forest-ambience in a hot afternoon.

If the My Day umbrella will be available in the near future there will be various service station where users can download fresh themes or create their personal theme. Maybe they will provide a memory card slot and add Bluetooth so you can add images from your phone and stream music via Bluetooth.

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  1. Birgit Burger

    Is it possible to get a sample of this umbrella?
    Best regards,
    Birgit Burger


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