MWE Emperor 200 technology-packed futuristic gaming station priced at $45,000

by Gavril Mankoo

In the future, playing your favorite video games will involve more than you, a sofa to slouch on and a flat screen television along with an optional coffee table in between to rest your legs or place your unhealthy in-game snack. Instead, workstations (we’d call them playstations, though Sony thought of that first) of the future will instead pack technology and futuristic design and a heavy price-tag too, approximately $45,000, the amount you pay for the MWE Emperor 200. Complete with an ergonomic leather seating unit, three touch-screen 24” LED monitors, motorised screen and chair adjustments, LED lighting and THX surround sound system, this one comes with air-filters too, just in case you’re a nicotine abuser!