MUV-e All-Electric ultra-portable scooter can collapse into a suitcase

by Gareth Mankoo

I wonder if the name has been inspired by Wall-e or it’s just something I’m thinking of too much these days. But whatever said and thought, the MUV-e All-Electric ultra-portable scooter is something we could all do with. It is small enough to take you through dense traffic and portable enough to fold into a suitcase and walk between the many jammed vehicles, should there appear to be no respite. It also kicks parking problems square in the face. The inventor and automobile designer behind this brilliant contraption is one Amir Zaid from Autodesk. Based in Israel, this concept takes the scooter and shoves it into a tiny little abyss where it can reach out to zillions worldwide.

The MUV-e electric scooter is better than Segway and other scooters that fall within this category because not only is it ultra portable, but it can also be folded into a suitcase trolley for easy storage. What more could a frustrated traveler want?



[Via – Inhabitat]

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