Musicmug whacky speakers for your iPod

by Dhiram Shah

Musicmug is the result of a fusion between a bone china coffee mug and speakers. At the base of the mug is a 5cm wide mono speaker. Though the output is pretty limited compared to other iPod accessories the Musicmug is actually different and good for use at the work or listening to soft music. The mug has vents at the bottom for dissipating sound and as there is no amplifier it does not require any power source and draws the juice from the iPod itself. Look inside the mug and you will find a sponge base so your iPod does not scratch and an audio cable (3.5mm stereo) which connects to the iPod or any audio device.

The Musicmug will be available in white or black color in Japan for 3990 Yen ($ 35) which is reasonable for this unique speaker.

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