Musical Rain concept makes a walk in the rain a lot less gloomy

by Gareth Mankoo

When it rains a chain of emotions and reactions stir within us. Some totally love stepping out braving droplets while others absolutely despise it being messy, wet and annoying. So, for the latter (and definitely for the former), we have a concept in the works that goes by the name of ‘Musical Rain’. The idea has piezoelectric sensors that translate the intensity of falling raindrops to musical notes (at various frequencies). The result, is a sweet symphony created by the falling droplets. This can completely drown the solemn dullness of a grey monsoon afternoon.

How this works is beyond our interpretation but what we can figure is that there are speakers incorporated in the umbrella, for sure. The umbrella could well be commonplace for kids who hate stepping out in the rain.


[Via – Itmedia]

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