Music video pieced together using Instagram pictures!

by Gavril Mankoo

The power of Instagram is limitless. If you’ve been under the impression that all this application does is gives your pictures a washed-retro look, think again! Director Arturo Perez Jr. recently came up with this fantastic one-of-a-kind music-video, created using Instagram. The video is the first in the world ever created using the software and this amazing technique of cinematography.

This is the very first music video done entirely on Instagram without any third party alterations. Every single frame of this music video is an actual picture that we ran through Instagram. We never shot any video. We only shot still photography,” said the director. The video uses a total of 1905 photos snapped around San Francisco and was created for the Mexico City-based band, The Plastics Revolution, for their song titled “Invasión”.


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