Mumbai man orders Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, receives a brass lock instead

by Gareth Mankoo

Ordering phones online is a growing trend in India. The country’s financial capital, Mumbai, definitely leads the brigade when it comes to online technology purchases. A businessman, Shailesh Wagh by name, ordered a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and to his surprise received something that wasn’t near to his expectations. Wagh received a heavy brass lock amid paper filling. As he had pre-ordered the product he made sure that he opened it before the courier man and to his surprise, found the gleaming brass lock looking up at him. He took the delivery boy with him to a police station and filed a complaint. But that isn’t the end of the tale. Head after the jump for the exciting follow-through.

The company, Paytm, requested him to withdraw his complaint and when he refused to do so, they considered that he withdrew anyway. The also assured him that he would be receiving a replacement and refund. How weird is that? A senior cop said in a statement “We questioned the courier boy and have not found his role in the case so far. We will now find where the product was packed and contact Patym soon.”

[ Via : Mid-day ]

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