MSN Messenger on Nintendo DS

by Dhiram Shah

Now that you can browse website using the Opera browser for the Nintendo DS, with an amazing software called Beup you can now chat with your buddies using MSN messenger on the DS. You dont get a stripped down version with half of the features missing it supports everything avatars and emoticons, a custom log-in status, shows if the user is typing and you can even send and receive ink messages which will be great fun using the stylus.
(Video after the jump)

You can download Beup here.



  1. renae

    how do you exactly put
    the beup onto ur nintendo ds.
    is it possible that u could use the Nintendo Ds USB to put it onto the DS?
    email me back. i need to no please.
    [email protected]

  2. Miranda

    Do you need a nintendo DS lite?? or could you just have the original, and if its just the original, how do i put it on my ds??
    Thx, email me back,
    [email protected]

  3. Melissa

    How can you even download on the DS?

  4. doppd14

    can you get it with the nintendo ds browser

  5. Jason

    Does it work on the regular DS or just DS Lite? What URL do I go to? How do I download on the DS?

  6. lauren

    i have a nintendo ds lite how dya get this on ya ds?
    nd dya no wat settins ya have to av t gan on the internet thro a wireless router coz my router says it doesnt supply nintendo settings :S so dunno if al b able t get this beup or wateva on
    email bak ta x


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