MSI Reveals Robot Vacuum MS800

by iona

For those of you who find hoovering a hassle, who hate hefting furniture to find floor dust, the MSI M800 may be the gadget you’ve been dreaming of. The M800 is a robotic vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction system and an ‘arm’ that maneuvers dirt towards its dust hungry mouth. It uses ultrasound to detect and negotiate potential obstacles and a ‘cliff’ detector to avoid falling down the stairs. You can programme when you would like the gadget to go to work, and when it is running low on energy, it plugs itself into its charging dock without being told. Its bigger brother, the R-1300, boasts similar features, as well as Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in webcam for added household security. The baby of the bunch, the R-500, has a super slim design for those hard-to-reach areas.

Release dates and pricing are as yet unconfirmed, but it is expected that the MS800 will lighten your pocket by around $400.