MSI introduce all-in-one Wind Top AE2070

by Gareth Mankoo

MSI have been off our radar for a while and we’re glad to hear from them this time, as they unleash the Wind Top AE2070 all-in-one touchscreen PC. It will be powered by a 3.1GHz Intel Core i3 processor and will also flaunt the unbelievably meaty Nvidia GT540M graphics engine. The 20-inch touchscreen interface will be powered by MSI’s Wind Touch 4 user interface. The Wind Top AE2070 will also sport support for USB 3.0 connectivity, 8GB main memory and storage of up to 500 GB.

If you’re still nodding in disappointment then you really must be a spec hog. This one’s got just about everything. There’s nothing on pricing or availability.

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