MRT Corp’s new kennel will help your pet stay cool with it’s built-in air conditioner

by Shayne Rana

Pet owners often end up the conundrum of having to leave their pets at expensive kennels or having to leave the air conditioner on at home running up extra-large electricity bills when they travel or head off to work. This is worse in the hotter countries. But all that is about to change with the new MRT Corp’s personally cooled dog kennel. Complete with its very own cooling unit, this 43 × 43 × 47 cm cabin is just what your pet needs when it wants beat the heat.

The new kennel is available in a variety of colors as well – wood grain, pastel pink, pastel blue color, just in case your pet is a little particular about his ‘cool’ new home’s décor. The kennel can be set to a cool 10 to 40 degrees, depending on your pet’s requirement and you can be at peace knowing they’re not going to go crazy in the heat. With a price tag of about $515 (¥ 49,800) the MRT kennel for pets seem like a very cool idea.

[Via – Itmedia]

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