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MP3 player supports dual headphones ideal for love birds

by Dhiram Shah

Wireless technology has been a boon to us in various forms since many years. Whether you’re out and about listening to your MP3 player or rocking out at home to your high-end stereo, wireless headphone allows total freedom. iPod lovers too can free themselves from the cords tethering them to their iPods with cordless headsets. BUT…..the only hitch is when you and your spouse both want to enjoy high quality wireless music at THE SAME TIME! And why should you give into other half’s supremacy always? CAU Digital Corporation has come up with a solution to the most widespread crisis with couples who are ardent music lovers too. This innovative audio system comprises of two wireless headphones and one MP3 player. This duo-headphone allows you to share full-length sample tracks of your favorite songs, homemade recordings, play lists or pictures with friends/boyfriends/spouses wirelessly, and simultaneously.

They have made it possible by attaching internal antenna inside the earphone and the mp3 player so that the two devices can communicate with each other wirelessly. The system utilizes 2.4GHz ISM frequency band. The MP3 player also has playback for video clips. So no more squabbles over who’s gonna wear that musical headgear!

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