Mozilla revives stealth option in Firefox 3.1

by mohsin

Mozilla facing increasing competition from other browser manufacturers has decided to revive its previously best feature aptly named ‘Private browsing’, more memorably described as ‘p*rn mode’, makes it easier to hide a user’s surfing from others using the same machine. A history of sites visited in this mode is not recorded and cookies are purged at the end of a session. In addition, content is not cached and passwords entered will not be autosaved. Mozilla developers highlighted how the approach would make it safer to use shared PCs in libraries and cyber caf├ęs. Apple’s Safari browser and Google Chrome both incorporate a private browsing mode. The second beta of IE, published late last month, saw the debut of Microsoft’s version of “privacy mode” browsing. Dubbed “InPrivate Browsing”, the feature opens a window that scrubs itself clean when it is closed.

Prior to Firefox 3.1, another add-on called ‘Stealthier’ has been available as an add-on for ages now, the mode would do all the things that the new version does now by default.