Move over 007, Self guard SG-210 security system is here

by Dhiram Shah

Starnex Korea has introduced portable Audio and Video recording system the “Self Guard (SG-210)” which can store and compress Audio / Video data with a Camera and Microphone. Now starts the interesting part the Camera is just the size of a button. All you have to is wear the Button which is connected to the console, the console is small enough to be conceled in the pocket. It records in color with sound and transmits the same in real time using Bluetooth. It has a motion sensor and starts recording automatically when an object moves. The SG-S210 can also connect to the Internet via LAN. It has 128 MB onboard memory which can be increased via it’s Expansion Slot. You can install the SG-210 and operate it remotely.

It comes with rechargable batteries on a full charge it
lasts for 4.5 hours. Suggested pricing is 700,000 KRW (US $ 670)

Via – Aving

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