Move over Apple, Samsung’s going to be your neighbor with their new ultra modern campus coming up in Silicon Valley

by Shayne Rana

Samsung is getting ready to expand their US base of operations and is gearing up break ground on what could be described as an ultra modern campus, in Silicon Valley, San Jose, California. Designed by NBBJ architecture firm this ‘superstructure’ will occupy about 1.1 million square feet with a central 10-story building taking precedence complete with open air floors and looking as swanky as it gets. There’s even a hidden car park of sorts that’s placed behind what looks like a vertical garden with a folding green-colored wall. All modern amenities including a gymnasium, cafes, gardens etc. will be present and accounted for complying with to LEED Gold environmental standards.

Samsung has a pretty sizeable stake in the US market so it only makes sense for them to have a base of operations there. However this will not be their first entry onto US soil as they already have offices in the area. This new structure will of course give way to space for 200 or so employees and be spaced out in to research, development, and sales areas. It’s estimated that this new strategy from the South Korean tech manufacturer should provide the city of San Jose with nearly $23 million in new city revenue. The campus is set to be completed sometime in the middle of 2015. Look out Apple, your rivals kicking up a storm on your home turf.

[Via – Cnet]

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