Mousou Keychain Controller makes the sounds of your favorite games

by Gareth Mankoo

Here’s something we’ve been seeing for a while but then this one’s suddenly gone all geeky. What we did see last time was a keychain the sounds like opening a can. However, now we’ve come upon one that these cool Mousou Keychain Controllers that are available for five games. Though most of the other gamers aren’t something you even knew existed, it’s Street Fighter II that’s going to make you skip a blink. The buttons on the controllers can be used to create exactly the same sound from the game characters as you would make while playing the real game.

The blue controller includes sounds from Ken, Ed Honda and Guile, the red controller has Ryu, Blanka and Sagat and the black controller covers Dhalsim, Balrog and Chun-Li. They are available at Japan Trend Shop for $51.

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