Motorola Z8 slider now christened by Ferrari

by yogesh

A few posts ago we saw a Chinese made Mercedes mobile phone we covered a few days ago. Well this time we have a genuine brand endorsed mobile phone by Motorola. Banking on its aspirations to be the next RAZR the Motorola Z8 Slider has now been christened by Ferrari, like its many other avatars from perfumes to Acer laptops the limited edition Ferrari moto slider will be catering to those of us who cannot afford the car nor the laptop. Like most of its limit

Whats inside isn’t a mystery either with brand themed wallpapers & UI themes, theres also a copy of the Bourne Identity. What Jason bourne hast to do with Motorola or Ferrari is bizarre since he drives what ever he gets his hands on. The mobile is expected to hit shelves’ around Q1 2008.

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