Motorola R331 Remote Control Finder is a Friend of Forgetful TV Junkies

by ruchi

The easiest way to find misplaced cellphones is by calling on its number. But this exercise does turn out futile if your phone is on silent non-vibration mode. Absent minded folks face the same problem with remotes with only difference that the search here is worst because remotes do not come with any embedded ring or vibration functionality. But not anymore. Here comes the Motorola R331 remote control finder is one of its kind gadget that does the supreme work of finding your remote. It’s actually a charging station with the RF i.e. Radio Frequency “find” functionality. All you got to do is press the button at the base and this device will trigger an audible tone and flashing light in the remote. It can be charged either via USB or wall sockets, and pretty much saves us from the horror of periodic battery changing activities. The base station here also comes with a digital clock which makes it a multifunctional device.

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