Motorola MOTOROKR T505 is a Bluetooth Music FM Transmitter Speakerphone

by deepa

Constantly striving to move ahead, Technology will not stop at any level. In this world of cordless living, Motorola has come up with one more accessory – MOTOROKR T505 speakerphone. This nifty device connects your phone via Bluetooth A2DP profile and from there transmits your audio to the FM frequency. It can either play it through speakers, or transmit it via FM to your car stereo. If you think that’s all then you are wrong! The most interesting feature is that it scans for clean frequencies, and when it finds one, it says aloud, “Tune your radio to 90.7.” Furthermore it also speaks caller ID out loud, and has 20 hours of battery life. Akin to other accessories of T line, this one too clips to the visor above your head.
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But you got to wait till you get your hands on this wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter as the price tag and availability is unknown.
Via – Gizmodiva

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