Motorola introduces D10 and D11 digital cordless phones

by radhika

Motorola bring to us a new deal of digital cordless phones, the D10 and D11. Sporting an innovative design that retrospects’s a conscientious owner; the phones ooze glam and panache. The D10 and D11 handsets are intuitive enough to adjust automatically to optimize output depending on how far they are from the base unit. Using intelligent ‘eco mode’, one can save on battery power, facilitating longer talk time without sacrificing on voice quality. The eco-factor in the phone comes in from the fact that 20% of it is made up from recycled material, which will help reduce the carbon footprint.

The D10 and D11 also feature large ‘easy-to-read’ backlit displays, polyphonic ringtones, handsfree speakerphone and 100-entry phonebooks. The D11 includes SMS messaging, 3-way conference calling and a subtle laser-etched backlit keypad. The digital answering machine features both visual and audible message alerts in addition to remote access to messages.
Via – Greenlaunches

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