Motorola Droid has 5MP camera, Google goodies

by Gareth Mankoo

Pretty high above the bar that’s raise for ‘good’ phones to fit into the geek’s wish list these days, we have a new entry that’s been pulled onto its deserving stage a bit too early. However, BGR are good with that. But then, when you have something that can offer you what this cool CDMA, Android-powered handset can, you cannot help but yell about it on rooftops. You can safely look forward to the Motorola Droid for it promises a 5 MP camera (Autofocus, dual LED flash), Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-fi, USB 2.0, web browser, social networking services and a mighty large 3.7 WVGA screen (I sense no touch here).

It’s also got its share of Google mobile services like Quick Search, Android Market, Google Maps, Google Talk, etc. Let’s hope the price of this QWERTY slider isn’t a let down.

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