Motorola Clutch i465: The “Facts”

by Gareth Mankoo

Haven’t there been enough speculations and leaks of the Motorola Clutch i465? Here’s something that can get you informed for real, and hey, don’t expect anything out of this world. The Clutch seems to be a rather placid, common man’s phone with a 1.8” screen, an elegant QWERTY, a plain Jane camera with 4x zoom and video recording (oh! Wowie… NOT!), 20 MB user memory (gimme more!) and some good multimedia support. It has USB connectivity to get everything on and off-board your Clutch.

Well, there isn’t too much you can pull out of this one besides the satisfaction of getting what you wanted. It’s got a good build up (Moto after all) and is likely to come our way in the second quarter of ’09. Look out, a date and a price tag may be around the corner.

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