Moto Multi Navigation System, the compass of the future

by radhika

Sleek looking gadgets are always welcome in the rugged world of cars and the stylish Moto scores well in the looks department. Moto is a Multi Navigation System designed by Jeongmin Ok, who takes inspiration from the design of a compass. According to Ok, a compass symbolizes accuracy, a device that never lets you down and guides you all the way to your destination. Interestingly Moto also means movement in Italian, and this baby really holds all the right moves. It features Bluetooth and a camera for wireless communication. The 3.5″ touchscreen can be viewed in two modes, one with the actual visual of the street and the direction to be followed. And the other shows you the direction without the frills.

Moto boasts of a strong aluminum die casting frame that pack in the goodies neatly. The push button docking system latches onto your dashboard conveniently. There is a hidden slot on the rim that holds a MicroSD-card slot, earphones and power inputs. The only grouse is that it’s still a concept.
Via – Designlaunches

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