Motion sensor in cell phones to keep track of employees

by Dhiram Shah

Privacy in the work place was long gone, email spoofing, social networks monitoring, cameras, phone tapping, etc, just when you thought enough, KDDi Japan has come up with a novel way to monitor employee activity using data from acceleration sensor embedded on cellphones. The motion sensor on an iPhone can detect simple moments like running, walking etc, but combine that sensor with an analytical server and it can detect complex moments as well.
For example, room cleaning, where several different motions like “bloom”, “walk” and “using dustpan” are done in random order, can be found out by matching acceleration patterns. Users under supervision At the beginning, users under the supervision are also requested to record what they do on daily reports online. As the feature quantity of each task’s motion is accumulated, detection will be more accurate, then the system will be able to tell what the employee is doing only by equipped cellphone.
The technology will make supervising and managing employees much more easier.

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