Moshi is the first voice deactivating alarm clock

by mohsin

The plethora of alarm clock options available to us today makes us wonder how far are people willing to go to just hit the snooze button one more time. The Moshi is designed to not bother you with that even, all you need to hit snooze is scream towards it. A simple command like “Hello Moshi” is enough to alert the alarm and it responds by asking you “command please”. The alarm works by identifying any of the 12 built-in, voice-activated commands to carry out the tasks of time setting, alarm setting, and even snoozing. The World Blind Union officially endorses the Moshi IVR Alarm Clock, for Its ease of use through verbal commands significantly benefits the blind community.

The Moshi further assists by telling you the temperature of the room, the current date, or even to change its lighting for nighttime, all when asked by you. The device costs $50, which is a bargain considering it allows you to set or turn off the alarm without having to move your hands or even open your eyes.

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