Moscow to install public Wi-Fi where the popular are buried

by Gareth Mankoo

Ever came across a meme that had a wise person state that they’d like to install free Wi-Fi on their headstone so that they get more visitors post-mortem? This is quite the deal when it comes to what Moscow have planned to do. The capital is moving towards creating public Wi-Fi zones at cemeteries that have famous people buried in them. These serve as ‘open museums’ and have the tendency to attract tourists and frequent local visitors alike. The Wi-Fi will empower visitors with connectivity so that they can learn more about the individuals buried there. Presently, a number of cemeteries across Moscow have GPS systems installed in them to help people easily locate the graves of the personalities they would want to visit.

Moscow has a total of 133 cemeteries with around 8 million graves. The most popular personalities buried in the area include Boris Yeltsin, the first President of the country and Anton Chekov the author. The idea is purely for educational purposes. That’s a futuristic burial rite right there.

[ Via : Slashgear ]

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