More FB friends, smarter you are

by shilpa

I will be printing out this news and storing copies of it in my side sling and when I meet the severe-cynical anti-social networking critics the next time, I will plaster this on their face. Researchers, yes, pay attention, researchers (close to terms like scientists and Einstein) have drawn a conclusion that the more number of friends you have on Facebook, the smarter you are. And to think of the number of people who actually mocked when two of my dear friends were competing to have the bigger list of FB friends! All the world’s a judge, and no one stops to notice the smart ones. That’s why Einstein never cut his hair – no one cared what he looked like because he was so intelligent. Not digressing, the research stated that studied the brains of 125 university students, also active FB-ers using magnetic resonance imaging and cross checked with 40 other students. They found a strong connection between the number of FB friends and the size of the amygdale, the right superior sulcus, the left middle gyrus and the right entorhinal cortex – in simple words, the grey matter. What lovely news. I must update my status now, the world must know!


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