Mophie’s iPhone Credit Card Reader makes spending your money fun and simple

by Shayne Rana

For the iPhone users or should I say connoisseurs, who love finding new and exciting ways to spruce up their device and enhance it’s usage, the Mophie credit card reader and app will be just what the doctor ordered. Mophie has been devising and developing iPhone accessories for awhile now and you if you do fit into the above mentioned category of users you’ll surely have heard of their Juice Pack battery back up case.

This latest innovation is also built into a light weight iPhone casing with a slot at the bottom for swiping your credit card. The bundled app will make sure all your information is secure and the transaction goes smoothly. A similar device was developed by Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, had developed his own version called Cube, but I do believe Mophies is a cut above that. It’s expected to be showcased st CES 2010. The problem is this is only going to make spending money so much easier.