MoonWalker trainers use magnets to simulate walking on the moon

by Gareth Mankoo

While a space trip may be a long shot for you and visiting all those planetariums simply amount to waiting in line, you can soon experience the low-gravity tug-and-bounce that Neil Armstrong did. The MoonWalker trainers are specially designed to give you that feeling. Manufactured by New York’s Moonshine, they use layers of magnets to simulate the effect. The magic is hidden within the thick soles that accommodate two layers of magnets. They are placed in a manner such that they repel each other, thus giving that astronaut-like floating sensation. The shoes do not have a set weight limit but the experience is idea for those weighing under 130 kilograms. The laceless shoes also offer smartphone control.

You can pick from a grey and white, blue and green, and light blue and dark blue combinations. The shoes were up for funding on Indiegogo, where the goal was successfully achieved through crowd-funding. The initial goal set for the MoonWalker was about $20,000 but it managed come very close to $100k when this was written. They will be available from August 2016.



[ Via : Dezeen ]

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