Moody Aquarium Sink Houses Fishes Too

by yogesh

The Moody Aquarium Sink has the dubious work of housing fishes in is as well. The only thought that troubles my mind is, that is it fair to subject the poor fishes to the sight of you brushing or flossing your teeth? What if you have to barf; oh sorry you won’t barf into this expensive sink…my mistake! This completely watertight with a sand bed for fish, and provides the necessary lighting for maintaining your fish in healthy conditions. There are two openings, one on each side of the basin, closed by soap dishes to access the crystal top for cleaning purposes or changing arrangement

The Moody washbasin is mounted on a chrome finish brass stand provided with a convenient front towel rail. It is distributed by Italbrass and is priced from $4495.
Via – Luxurylaunches