Mohzy smartphone cable brings the jazzy to the geeky

by Gareth Mankoo

Why go for those simplistic blacks and whites when you can own a smartphone cable that doubles up as a cool wristband, and also has several colors to go with it? Just what the Mohzy smartphone cable brings here. With around 33 different designs to choose from, these cables also form a part of your wearable accessory list. These offer micro USB terminals, Lightining Cable adapters and support for Android smartphones as well. Now, data synchronization with your iPad, iPod Touch and iPad Mini is so much simpler and stylish too. 26 meters is enough length to ensure that you can reach your device to your portable laptop or desktop PC and enjoy seamless synchronization.

The prices for the printed Mohzy Smartphone cables range from 1980 Yen ($20) to 2280 Yen ($23). That’s really cheap. You could also pick between the bands made for girls and guys.




[Via – Itmedia]

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