ModooFree Bluetooth Parking Sensor Handsfree car kit

by Dhiram Shah

The Modoofree car kit includes a rear view mirror with Bluetooth and parking sensors. You can connect any phone via Bluetooth to the mirror. If you get a call the caller’s number is displayed on the mirror itself, the mirror has inbuilt high quality speaker and sensitive microphone which allow you to answer the call without taking your hands off the wheel. If you are in a high traffic zone and cant concentrate on the phone number a voice will announce the incoming phone number. It comes with Digital Noise & Echo Suppression System to filter out unwanted noise. The parking sensors are also integrated with the Bluetooth mirror. The parking sensors are attached on the rear bumpers and when you put the car in reverse gear they measure the distance between the bumper and obstacle by sending and receiving ultrasonic pulses. The distance to the nearest obstacle is displayed on the mirror.

The location of the obstacle is dispayed on the mirror if there is a boulder on the left side of the car the left LED lights up on the mirror.
The ModooFree Bluetooth Parking Sensor Handsfree car kit is available via selected importers pricing is not known.
Thanks Jim

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