Mobile Phones: Making the most of free

by Dhiram Shah

There is no such thing as a free lunch or so we are told. In this day and age of convenience and easy come easy go anything free is either snapped up or viewed with very raised eyebrows. Free stuff, zero interest and things that cost nothing are added into or are part of just about everything and free is something that mobile phone companies all over the world know makes good business. Anyone can make the most of free when it comes to mobile phones, especially when they know that’s what is free will work for them and save them money

Free Phone Calls
One of the latest “free” things in the mobile phone world is a free cellphone service. This is not entirely free; nothing is given away without a reason but making free calls or getting access to free data is what many consumers are looking for today. Mobile phone call costs are something nobody really likes and with the advent of WhatsApp and other messenger, Apps call costs are plummeting. With these free use contracts, you really need to have a good grasp of how you use your phone and where you are spending the most money or what you are using the most. Once you know this you can consider the very latest mobile phone marketing concepts with ease and the free really will be free to you and it will reduce your outgoing payments each month
Get a Free Phone

Free Phones
This is the oldest trick in the book. While to cost of handsets has dropped dramatically since the advent of mobile phones they are still expensive to buy outright and financing them does make more sense for someone looking to improve cashflow. The free phone with a contract from a cellular service provider is absorbed over 24 months or so, depending on the contact. This is by far the best way to keep up to date with technology and you really do not feel the cost of the free phone. The phone is not free, you do pay for it but you pay a reduced price over a set period of time as part of a contract you will use. Getting a free phone with a new contract is a real win-win situation.

Free Apps
Free Apps are everywhere but you really need to know that while the app is free money is being made somewhere and something is being taken from you. Apps use data and your data normally costs money, so if you download a free app it is well worth checking just how much data this app really uses as it could be costing you in the long run. The other area that Free Apps take from you is in your enjoyment of the App, bombarding you with adverts and constant reminders that you can upgrade can spoil the enjoyment of the App

Overall Free is used widely in the mobile phone industry and it is not a bad thing. A word of advice: always check to see if what you are offered for free has a catch, if you are ok with the catch then the freeness of the item is worth it.