O2 UK recycles undead mobile phones as designer handbags

by Gareth Mankoo

Some may wonder how much e-waste the world could handle with just about everyone owning a cellphone and recycling them once every two years. Designer Sean Miles has come up with an innovative way to turn your not-so-fancy ancient mobile phones into a rather sophisticated contraption. Say hello to the ‘Bags That Talk’ series of cool handbags. The UK-based designer has used some old phones such as LG and Nokia handsets, provided by customers of O2 Recycle, and has blended them with stellar brand names including a Chloe shoulder bag, an Alexander McQueen clutch, and a vintage Celine box handbag. There’s also a luxury Mulberry messenger bag that comes with a built-in phone and earphone socket, allowing the user to listen to music or talk on the phone while on the move. That’s a savvy use for ancient phones.

Recycling has found its need in this day and age and we could well expect something of paramount importance stemming from the whole activity – cellphones that surpass shelf-lives. Old phones will now find their place in many luxury stores and auctions. I would vouch for them ancient Nokia handsets that just refuse to die.




[Via – PSFK]

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