MobiBLU introduces A10/UFO MP3s

by shilpa

MobiBLU has introduced its new range of MP3s. It is called the A10 and is shaped in the form of a UFO. It is an MP3 player with a Bluetooth speaker/headset and comes in 2, 4 or 8GB packages. Its battery life is 15 hours with headphones and 5 hours through speakers. This player is 90 by 42 mm in size and it looks like a mini UFO so it cannot really by carried around. There are a few (more than that actually) people who still believe in the UFOs and they wouldn’t necessarily use their brains to think that no UFO would have a sign saying UFO and be seen on desk tops or tables. What I am saying is, no UFO is going to fly around in public and be caught red-handed. I believe they exist as does ghosts and spirits so this is an interesting gadget for me too. Nonetheless, I wont be buying it because it will me ideas that aliens are plotting a war at night in my house.

The A10/UFO comes in red and black colours.

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